Global Sightings?

Posted 23 Apr 2011 in Featured Video, UFO, Unexplained

This dramatically edited news footage makes a compelling case for increased UFO activity around the world. The strange lights, unexplained meteoro’logic activity, ominous warnings from former area 51 personnel make for a storyline that rivals any that have come out of hollywood.

Posted by raphen


  1. Steve (04 Jul 2012, 9:57)

    I have to say I dont believe these to be of Alien craft’s…UFO’s for sure but not Alien…well at least that’s what I think lol
    Im more inclinded to believe that it’s secret stuff coming out of Area 51 than Aliens.

  2. raphen (10 Jul 2012, 13:10)

    I think you’re right. Most of these could have simple terrestrial explanations, and that is very comforting. But there are others that simply cannot be explained away.

  3. Win on Quibids Everytime (09 Apr 2013, 23:48)

    Thanks for the info, I’ll be checking in..thanks

  4. FRANK (12 Apr 2013, 3:21)

    they are coming

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