First Contact

Posted 01 Feb 2011 in Aliens, Encounter, Featured Blog, UFO

When the UFOs arrive, FEMA has a plan for disaster control — it’s all right there in the firefighter’s manual.

Seriously. It’s all in chapter 13 of the second edition of FEMA’s “Fire Officer’s Guide to Disaster Control” titled “Enemy Attack and UFO Potential.”

Among other things, the manual advises, “in the absence of overt acts indicating hostility, there may be no danger in approaching a UFO with a positive, solicitous attitude of wanting to be of service,” which might be “telepathically sensed by those aboard.” On the other hand, “any display of weapons could be construed as unfriendly.”

“The History Channel” aired an episode of “UFO Files” called “When UFOs Arrive” that revealed a secretive paper trail uncovering the government’s plans to respond when ET arrives.

For years, air traffic controllers, military personnel, astronauts and people from every level of society have told stories of bizarre contact and sightings.

There were even credible reports in 1952 of sightings over Washington D.C., when UFOs violated restricted air space over the nation’s capitol.

If our government considers this a real threat, it’s only logical that emergency personnel would be enlisted to help manage the crisis.

The manual demystifies the topic and shows a new willingness to share information.

Making this in fact, “one small step for man, one giant leap for mankind.”

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